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Hi. When using the shell to copy from one drive to another could someone explain the commands?

For example: If I was copying from DH0: called 'System' a hello.txt file to DH1: called Work I assumed I would use

Copy hello.txt system:Work

It didn't seem to work.

Another example (not about copying)

I can get programs installed no problems by following the tutorials such as this by typing lha x programs:WHDLoad_usr.lha programs:

but I'd like to understand better what I'm typing despite it working in this instance.

Is the first 'programs' the location of the file and the final one the destination of the install? Whats the x for and why start lha? (I understand the WHDLoad_usr.lha is the file I working with) but I'd like to understand the rest of the command because I hate blindly typing things because when it doesn't work (like copy) I'm stuck.

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