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On 29th March started dezz (the developer of ScanJuggler cards) a mailing list. You can subscribe here.

The first post:


There are some news on the ScanJuggler XAGA cards...

- The ScanJuggler XAGA Lite version is now ready and the first batch is being shipped.
Local residents only, for now - I had to serve out numerous pre-payed preorders.
A new batch will be produced next month and be available more widely.
(An international price will be announced soon.)

- If you happen to attend the present Revision demoparty in Saarbr├╝cken, look for
Charlie of organisers and ask him to flash a piece of SJ XAGA Lite...
(In case he has some free time.)

- New feature: both the normal and Lite version is now updateable from under AmigaOS
(FW+FPGA logics).Expect regular updates with new features...

- The ScanJuggler XAGA (normal version) is being enhanced in some ways:
- It will be expandable, using a special miniconnector.
- The memory (it's on the backside) will be bigger, enabling support for 1280x720
(normal 16:9) resolution and allowing some other features, as well. (It was also
because of harder availability of the former part.)
- These changes needed a moderate redesign of the PCB and other changes as well,
but it's near completion now.

Best Regards,
dezz - developer of the ScanJuggler cards
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