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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
Fully cracked Transarctica ECS and AGA versions are available on the Wanted Team page (files section).
you must be right.

this crack has a part added compare all othesr PDX crack titled 100% cracked than i had found and test

i would test with 3Th manual protection check this evening to see if it's removed too.

here there added PDX code:
lbC00012C CMPI.B #$60,(2,A3)
BNE.B lbC000126
CMPI.B #$3E,(-2,A3)
BNE.B lbC000126
CMPI.B #7,(-5,A3)
BNE.B lbC000126
CMPI.B #2,(-3,A3)
BNE.B lbC000126
LEA ($363,A3),A0
MOVEQ #$78,D0
lbC000152 CMPI.B #$4C,(A0)+
BEQ.B lbC00015E
lbC000158 DBRA D0,lbC000152
BRA.B lbC000126
lbC00015E CMPI.B #$36,(A0)
BNE.B lbC000158
CMPI.B #$3A,(1,A0)
BNE.B lbC000158
MOVE.B #10,(2,A0) modification interpreter function
BRA.B lbC000158
but in my opinion this method is less clean than mine :

indeed this method replacing $14 interpreter function by $a, so it's modify interpreter datas (to remove comparison code) and it's caught crash sometimes in Ishar 3 by example...

here mine method
; Check 3 manual protection
CMP.B #$3E,2(A3)
BNE.S .skip3
CMP.B #$2B,-2(A3)
BNE.S .skip3
CMP.B #1,-3(A3)
BNE.S .skip3
CMP.B #7,-5(A3)
BNE.S .skip3

clr.b $d9(a6) ; cpt try number
clr.b $d8(a6) ; num word in list; force word 1

MOVEM.L d0-D1/A0,-(SP)
move.b #$d-$40,d0 ; key crypt is $40 and i want $d (CR)
move.w $14(a6),d1 ; max length of word
SUBQ.L #1,d1

LEA $18(A6),A0 ; start of list of words to check
move.b d0,(a0)+ ; 'return' key (CR)
.clr clr.b (a0)+ ; clear first word
dbf d1,.clr

LEA $94(A6),A0 ; start of typed word by user
move.w #$0d00,(a0) ;
MOVEM.L (SP)+,D0-d1/A0
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