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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
If I go to this page:
I can choose from six different routers. Is yours among them? I am sure it's possible to find the complete manual on the internet if one knows the brand and model.

Unfortunately AmiTCP does not support any kind of "automatic" through Ethernet.

Please go to your main PC, open a DOS window, enter ipconfig /all >ipconf.txt and attach the resulting ipconf.txt file to this thread. Do the same with the other PC which cannot connect to the Amiga.

Also right-click on the Amiga Explorer icon and select properties. Make sure that on the second PC the properties are the same as on the main PC. Password should be AExplorer if you didn't change it.

Having technical difficulties. Will attempt to resolve over the weekend and get back on Monday, if not sooner.

Happy Easter.
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