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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
A first look over the config didn't show any reason why the Amiga should not respond to a ping.

Perhaps the configured gateway is wrong. What is the IP address of your router? The config says it is

And the IP address of the Amiga is configured as Perhaps it is duplicate? I suppose that the Amiga is the only computer with a fixed IP address. All others probably use DHCP.

Does the router's manual say anything about the range of IP addresses it uses for DHCP? My router uses through Therefore I use through for computers with fixed IP addresses.

Router and Amiga IP addresses are as stated. Yes, my tech at the time fixed the Amiga, the rest are DHCP. They range from .64 through .68.

Router is only three weeks old, from ISP, have not looked through manual.

Not sure he left one, will investigate further. ISP is local telephone company,, British Columbia region. Will see if there is an online manual and let you know what I find.

Thanks for taking the time and effort.
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