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Updated versions of Arcade Game Selector

Hi all.

I decided to update the AGS (Arcade Game Selector) menu systems for use in my A1200 (with 030/50Mhz) and my un-exapnded A600. As a base I took the OCS version of AGS system that I found on this forum. This version had nice sub-directories handling and a few other enhancements over the original AGS version (and the other enhanced one from lennon). The AGA and OCS versions I am puting here are not 100% the same functionality wise, but they are very similar.
I am also including all of my start scripts and pictures for the games so you can set it up quickly.
This one is similar to KGLoad with a few differences - menu is bigger (no cover photo), you can start ANY game from it, not just WHD games!
It was fun to do some work in Amiga E language - never done that before.

!!! NOTE !!! Please * DO NOT * ask me for the actual games that the scripts provided run - I will ignore any such messages ! ALL games can be found on the Magix ftp server or other online resources. I cannot provide them for you !


Run the 'Menu' script to set it up and start it. Inside the script change the Workbench:AGS directory to where you want to put the AGS...
This version supports smooth scrolling when you are navigating through directories and displays the TEXT for each entry.

Download AGA version


This one runs on a plain A600. I changed a few things from the other OCS version - now it actually runs on KS2.05 (before you needed KS3.0), it is MUCH faster to navigate the menus (it is actually usable now), you can have any number of entries per each sub-directory (before you could only have one page) - it will flip the pages (no smooth scrolling since it would be too slow). Also there is no TEXT supported in this version (it slows it down too much). As you can see in the scripts and pictures I provided, there are quite a few games that run nicely from HD and this menu on plain A600 !
The provided startup-sequence has the assigns you need to do to get it to run on your amiga (change the SYS:AGS setting to the one you need).

Download OCS version

Just as a side note - I will *NOT* be updating these selectors with new features. If there are some bugs found then I will fix them, but the selectors are as they are now.

Have fun ! And - Both downloads include sources so you change them if you want.
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