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That's the default line and it never reaches that part of the startup-sequence. The one that gets executed is
C:SetPatch QUIET
Instead of renaming the file, you can change the above line to
and it should work as well.

I have the exact same problem in my A1200 and A4000 with one particular CF card. It can not load the 3.9 kickrom with setpatch. If I do as you have, preventing it from trying to patch, it works just fine. It also works fine in WinUAE, as you describe.

I do not remember the model now but its a 16GB CF card. It works just fine for all amiga OSs I toss on it, until I get to 3.9 (have not tried 3.5) and as soon as setpatch is executed without NOROMUPDATE, it gives me a software failure.

I took another 16GB card, partitioned it and just copied everything over in WinUAE from the other card and it works fine. I tried to make a sector copy of the new working card over to the faulty one, thinking something was wrong with the partitioning, but the same thing happens.

It now resides in an A1200 with WB3.1, working just fine.

This problem drove me nuts for a few weeks before I tested another CF card... My guess is that its the scsi.device that setpatch is trying to patch in, does not like that particular CF card.
You could test that theory by downloading LoadModule (Dont think that is included in ClassicWB 3.9) from aminet:
Extract it and copy LoadModule to C:

Now copy, for example, SYS:MyFiles/Install/LargeHD/128GB_Support/SCSI_v43_45_ChrisToni/A1200IDE.scsi.device.43.45 to Devs: and name it scsi.device

In startup-sequence, above the "C:SetPatch QUIET" line, add:
LoadModule Devs:scsi.device NOREBOOT

And change the SetPatch line to:
C:SetPatch SKIPROMUPDATES "scsi.device" QUIET

Should now look like this basically:
IF SCSIUpdate EQ 1
LoadModule Devs:scsi.device NOREBOOT
C:SetPatch SKIPROMUPDATES "scsi.device" QUIET
C:SetPatch SKIPROMUPDATES "scsi.device" QUIET
It should now load scsi.device 43.45 and not restart. SetPatch will do its patching but dont do anything with scsi.device, then reboot.

If that works, its the scsi.device version that OS 3.9 tries to use that does not like that CF card. If it does not work, it has nothing to do with the scsi.device or its not even your CF card, I guess...

Edit: For your reference, this is the only PFS version you ever need:

Here are my (new) cheat notes for PFS3:
PFS\03 = 0x50465303

Mask = 0x7ffffffe (There are 6 f’s)
MaxTransfer = 0x1fe00
Blocksize = 512

pfsformat drive dh1: name Work noicons quick fnsize 107
You'll find pfsformat (since you use classicwb) in SYS:MyFiles/Install/LargeHD/128GB_Support/PFS3/tools

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