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Originally Posted by WeiXing3D View Post
A game that was playing in Amiga Forever under AmigaSYS emulation changed the settings and complete screwed my screen resolution and mode.

TROUBLE WITH AmigaSYS in Amiga Forever:

I now have the old Black & Blue Workbench, but even after changing the screen mode to NTSC hires, the look is not the same I had before; modern icons and look.

Is there anyway to go back to the modern, hi-res look?

Thanks in advance for any help.
AmigaSYS under emulation generally uses UAEgfx. For nice hi res modes.
Under screenmode, do you have lots of UAEgfx resolutions?

Need more information to be honest. Is the config running the correct HDF?
You need to check the config file. I cant see how a game changed the settings to that extent. Did it overwrite the startup-sequence?
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