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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
you mean chipram? of course the limitation what concerns that remains the same as always. high res screens with lots of colors will eat your mem. try reducing the color depth in prefs/screenmode
With a "normal" Os you can use patches like CyberbugFixAga. Isn't there a patch "patched" for it to use "Other memory"?
I think that would be the main thing to fix. I only need 16 colors.

I would love to have it running with an ACA.

Edit: I've got working on my A1200/ACA1231/42 the Classic version, now I've got between 800k-1.300 of ram, don't know what I was doing wrong (surely the screen mode), but it goes as slow as under emulation. Very slow, you can be waiting 2 minutes for the main screen to boot completely.

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