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WBclassic 3.9 on a real Amiga

First version of this got eaten by my web browser crashing.

Hopefully I will manage to get all of what I wrote the first time included in this.

I'm been trying a few weeks to get Wbclassic installed on an Amiga that has a 030 accelerator with 128mb memory, and a 8gb CF card. I also has a 4gb card that I also has tried, but it makes no difference.

I use the old Amiga 500 power supply, so that should not be an issue, and the kickrom is upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1 .

Both are formated to SFS, and the boot partition is 1gb big.
I've also ticked the bootable option on the first partition.

Changed blocksize to 512, buffer to 100, and MaxTransfer to 0x1FE00.

I do notice that 0x1fe00 turns to 0x0001fe00 (it's either 3 or 4 zeros after the x.)

A game partition that is 4GB and a Programs directory for the rest.

I've tried numerous different approaches to upgrade, including following the guide on WBclassics web site religiously.

When I've upgraded from 3.1 to 3.9, and added the 2 Boingballs, I copy from the hardfile (in Winuae) to my Cf card. I but it in the Amiga, and it boots just fine.

I then follow instructions, and load one hard file with OS3.9 installed as DH0, and the system.hdf file as DH1. Do the upgrade, and then copy the contents in dopus from hardfile to CF.

When booting up the Amiga, I get :

Software error. Press left mouse button to continue.
Error:8000 0004 Task: 0800C548

Written in red. It goes in a loop with this until I switch off the power.

One of the other alternatives to install WBclassic I've tried is to zip the system.hdf after I've installed WBclassic, the written the adf to a floppyand unpacked the zip to my CF, bu get the same results when booting from the CF.

The strange thing is that WBclassic 3.9 boots up fine in Winuae.

PSF3 is also tried, but went back to SFS as I'm unsure if I used the correct version of PSF3.

Anyone got any ideas, because I've hit the on this one.
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