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i think it would be nice to have some presets in winuae.

instead of wading thru options after options, and starting masses of 'my config is pants' etc etc threads we could have something like....

program starts.

select machine type, a500, a1200, a600 etc etc

that way, if you select 'a500' you know someone is running with the correct ram, and timings etc.
same with a1200 (which may allow us to have a 14mhz 68020 instead of 'fastest possible'

and then your chipset timings can be set for the machine type.

i agree with people having the option to change whatever they like, but at least they should have a nice solid, stable starting point.

also, now that cycle exact emulation is possible with todays machines, is there any point in not running the emulator that way? that's a legit question, not a flame war starter btw.

sorry this post is a bit rushed, but i'm at work. hopefully you get the gist of it.
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