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Its a shame the seller wants so much for these when the sole purpose is to just save them from oblivion!

Disks are the bane of the Amiga, dam things just rot if they are not kept properly.

I will resort to cleaning the whole disk surface, both sides with tape cleaner fluid or iso/alcohol? whatever its called using ear cleaners. After allowing to dry I can usually get 99.5% success. Then over to a real amiga using twin drives and x-copy pro. Copying can somtimes be enougth to get a good image.

If the disk is corrupted and seems perfect then well its just trying to save what you can.

EDIT: Forgot to say! Toolwise - Kryoflux (It can do originals!), A1200 + extra drive and SPS/IPF Imaging tools.
I am seriously on the brink of buying a Kryoflux for this kinda thing! I have all the hardware/disk drives just need to buy the kryoflux itself.

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