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Is it worth going for any of these demo disks?

In case you may or may not have noticed lately, penfold_t_mole on eBay recently put up a whole bevy of obscure demo disks of the "not magazine coverdisks" kind. There's individual demo disks of Desert Strike, Dalek Attack, Krusty's Fun House, Lemmings 2, Bart vs The World, Combat Air Patrol, Shadow Fighter, Lotus 2, and a lot more.

There are two catches though.

1) Each disk is a lot pricier than the previous selection of disks Penfold put up (and some of which are still waiting to be bought), ranging anywhere from £8 to £20.

2) These disks apparently weren't kept in decent storage over the years and chances are they don't work properly. Which would be an awful shame if they were truly, completely unsalvageable because these are pretty damn rare.

So this leaves me wondering: how much of a disk *can* be salvaged, and what are the best tools for that? I'm hoping that at least one disk I buy off him will still image just fine, but I don't know how likely that is, and he isn't confident himself about them working well, hence why he's listed their conditions as "for parts". I don't think that really explains the price hike, though.
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