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Who said anything about censorship? (ironic, though, for obvious reasons...)

The closest to censorship was the fact that Godflesh was repeatedly coming to this forum, spamming and carrying on because he was being discussed and he didn't like what was being said about him or his sites. But when it became positive remarks, he changed his tone. THAT, my friend, is censorship. When you demand that you or your sites not be discussed negatively, but even join in when the discussion becomes positive.

It was this very annoying debate that we discussed in a different thread where we ultimately decided to not discuss the topic since it was becoming emotional and pointless. That's a long way from censorship. Furthermore, nobody is deleting messages or closing this thread either. Carefully choose your words. If you had read the previous discussion on the topic, I was the one telling Godflesh that the debate was valid because everyone was expressing their opinions. Suddenly that concept becomes important now, but not then.

And anyways, we have been over all of this territory before, in great detail. This has all been said before and we are just regurgitating the same thing. If there is a thread about converting Amiga disks, then someone starts the whole thing over again in a different thread, it would not be considered censorship to suggest ending that either.

Everytime I respond, I hope it will be the last time I have to, but as I said, this thread refuses to go away.

Oh yeah...
Sorry. Didn't mean to attack your English. I didn't consider that. My misunderstanding. No offense intended!

Eloquently put, my friend!
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