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I'm with HungryHorace in regards to Blood Money. Terrible game. It was like the player was part of a scrolling demo. Was slick enough, and looked ok, but less fun than sticking a knife in a toaster. Hours of boredom so intense that a persons face is prone to melt.

While a terrible game it still cant hold a torch to Inertia Drive. A shooter so bad that friends accused me of having made it with SEUCK when I played it. Not just that, but they also told me it was one of the crappier SEUCK games I'd made.

1943 has to be up amongst it too. I knew it was bad, but hadnt played it in years (decades). This thread however got me interested enough to try it again, and wow, that really is bad.

Street Fighter 1 is pretty horrid too. Makes the often maligned SF2 seem fantastic in comparison. And HKM,.... what the hell happened there? SF1 gets terrible reviews, in mocked to high heaven so the authors decide, "ok then, SF1 didnt do well so lets make another game based around a tweaked engine". Rather than tweaking it for the better however they appear to have decided making it worse would be a good idea.

Maybe HKM was just released upon the world as some sort of punishment for the mockng SF1 received.
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