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Hello from Norway!


I think I might count as an old guy. Started playing with IBM PCs in the 80's when I was 10 years old. Bitten by a retro bug 8 years ago after hearing a band using a Commodore 64 on stage. So I own a few of those 64's already Bought a 500, 600 and a 1200 in the last few months after reading a book about the rise and fall of Commodore. Pure fun to clean, upgrade, fix and play with these machines! Missed something in the 90's it seems...

The 500 is for my kids so they can have some fun too (Lemmings they seem to like a lot)

The 600 is my gaming machine with WB 3.1 on CF, extra memory and I might just need a Indivision ECS so it looks better on the LED TV/monitor.

But I'm going all out on the 1200. I want to see if I can get it working with AmigaOS 4 so this will be a bit of an expensive project.
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