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Re: APF is wrong

I am never reluctant to admit that I am wrong. In fact, I will unashamed to admit I am wrong often. However, I am not wrong here.

Everything has an ends and a means. If one is willing to achieve an end without regard to the means, of what worth is the end?

The proprietor/steward of the FTPs in question has shown himself to be a bully, a bigot, and has (and most likely will again in the future) used his website/BB as well as the FTPs as a weapon. The support given to him only inflames and encourages this attitude, and I for one refuse to endorse or encourage it by using his FTPs. That is my choice, and I am principled enough to stand by it and keep my word. I hesitated to mention all of this in the beginning out of respect for RCP and the others who may be affected if/when Godflesh decides to slander people on his website again.

As far as the diskmags go, there is an entire website dedicated to them (which is most likely the source to the FTPs.)

So again, what is the end to be achieved? Are those who are flocking to the FTPs looking for a particular game, or all of them? Are people trying to be archivists or are they looking for a rare game they can't find elsewhere?

Originally posted by freedom4u
It is very childish to question the use of Godfleshs FTPs.
It is an easy accessible and for many newbies, also a very useful source of ADFs.
I myself enjoyed his diskmags like AmigaPlus and co.

If you have all the games on his FTP I still don't understand why you bother posting to this thread.
(I also don't know why I bother answering . Nothing to do ? ;-) )

If you are so professional, you also have to accept that others still lack some ADFs

I accept that others lack ADFs. Do you want them all?

The FTP issue for me is now closed... I don't see the need to defend or revise my position on the subject any longer. Since we have already crossed the threshold into name-calling, this issue is dead to me.
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