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help with amiga 500+600 disc drives

as said in my introduction i have recently got back into amigas and have purrchased a rather mint weird wild and wonderful A600 pack with zero yellowing and everything complete with it just like the day it was purchased as new.

i wasnt really going to play on the A600 and thought id purchase an A500 model mainly because i never owned one and just to use as a workhorse for games as im also purchasing big box versions of games aswell.

my problem started the other night i recently purchased an A500, pretty much mint factory seals intact no yellowing and the box was in pretty good condition.

i tried the machine as soon as i got it with cannon fodder and i worked perfect, i recently bought 3 medium box games from ebay (mutant hero turtles,hunt for red october,and back to the future 3) and thought id try them on it.

i inserted turtles and was met with a blank screen,i reset the machine and tried bttf3 and the drive made a strange whining noise then stoppped.

reset the machine again and tried hunt for red october and got a blank screen.

frustrated by this i tried cannon fodder and was met with a spectrum type loading screen then froze.

so i got out my A600 and tried the same as the A500 a blank then i tried bttf3......and got the same as i did on the A500.

lastly i tried red october and the power light started to flash slowly then the machine reset itself.....

getting really frustrated now i inserted cannon fodder only to be met with that spectrum loading screen again!!!!! the same things happen on both machines surely the first game i inserted which is turtles could not have caused all this surely as both machines up until that point worked fine,its almost like both machines now have some sort of virus,and i tried turtles first also in the A600

i have tried other games in my A600 and all i get it read errors on everything i put in, including workbench disks and games

im going out my mind as to what it is , ive even stripped the A500 down and cleaned the drive but its still the same.

i havent opened the A600 yet

please can anybody shed some light on this

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