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Re: WHDLoad support...

Originally posted by Codetapper
If the Amiga IPF reading routines were finished everyone here would be able to download the WHDLoad installer, install using the CAPS image and play the game under emulation with *instant* loading, savable high scores, no disk swapping and access faults removed...
Err, you can probably do that now...

Anyway, it will have to wait. We are all very busy right now, and unfortunately not even with CAPS. The Amiga library will be done, purely for WHDLoad and Amiga UAE's benefit (nothing else I gather) but we have lives too!

If we were all 20 years old with nothing else to do, CAPS would probably be very different (and probably not all good either! ) but we are not, and are very unlikely to get that kind of free time ever again until we are old and crusty and don't like these "horrible computer games".

If the only way most CAPS images run is by cycle exact emulation and therefore are real-time to load, won't that make most games unplayable? Walker for example takes forever to load and decrunch? And lots of games do not recognise multiple disk drives... [/B]
It is not about playing games, it is ensuring we have what was on the original in a preserved form. If it took ages on the real thing, then it will take ages as a CAPS image. CAPS has never been about playing games, it has been about being ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you get what was on the original, and play like the original. The fact that you can play the original (and therefore be certain that any bugs are either emulation problems, or the original game had it) is a nice side effect. Ala MAME.

Actually, that is not quite true, we like playing games too. But it is not really the primary purpose.

It is also about making sure that if you want original games to stay on your original disks, you have a way to recreate them. Of course this part of the project still has a way to go.

Anyway, this is why I for one think WHDLoad is great, and why I never expect to see any CAPS vs WHDLoad threads because ultimately - we are doing completely different things.

If you want to have a lovely environment for your games, with enhancements you wish were in the real game - then use WHDLoad, if you want to play the *real deal* then use the CAPS images.

Eventually, we will never again have the problem of "the crack has bugs".
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