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Yes, this did get lost a bit amongst all my other stuff. I've been busy writing my usual stack of reviews for Amiga Future and trying to find time to write my new game as well so this has been a bit of a low priority. You are right though, it is a bit of a missed opportunity but I am glad you bumped it as it gives me an excuse to go through a couple of ideas I have been thinking about.

Firstly, I'll definitely run another vote later this year. I'd like to make this an annual thing and as Robert says above, if I plan it well enough then we can allocate games to people who want to write about them and get this thing done. To be honest I should have done it like that from day one and we might have got somewhere then - it was too much to do on my own, even more so when you consider I haven't played every game and there are also plenty I don't actually like, being the grumpy git I am. It's a little late for the 2012 chart but will definitely do this for the 2013 version.

Secondly, maybe just as a dry run, would anyone think a similar vote for PD games is a good idea? I think it could be more interesting as I am certain there are loads of hidden gems out there few have played and it could be fun to write about. The big caveat is if we can get enough people to vote and enough different games to vote for - it might need to be a top 50 rather than 100 but we could use that as a practice for the main list later this year. What do you think?
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