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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
Please describe your network. Where is each computer connected to and how? What is the IP address, net work mask and default gateway of each computer?

And which TCP/IP software do you run on the Amiga?
Here is where I get into difficulty. I am not as tech savvy with the inner workings of computers as are most folk who frequent these pages, so I would
like to beg your indulgence if I ask some basic questions.

I have been assisted in the past by other local techs in setting up the systems, and am bravely setting forth to gain further knowledge in order to be more self-sufficient. It will be a life-long task.

Network is:

Three Macs, three PC's and two Amiga A2000HD's, all connected via a ZyZEL router supplied by the local Telephone company. One A2000 is out of the loop being repaired. All computers are hard-wired to the Ethernet system.

The sub-network in my studio is an Imac, two PC's and the Amigas.
The computers all show up in the regular network.

The Amiga uses AmiTCP to connect.

As for addresses, I have been able to determine the ones for the Main PC and
the Old PC. I do not know where to look for the Imac yet, but do not know if it is necessary. Looking in the Explorer properties window on the Main PC, which does connect with the Amiga via AE, I find an address that I believe to be the one for the Amiga. This I copied to the Old PC.

I do not know where to look directly inside the Amiga to find the required info.

As for the Network Mask and default Gateway for each computer, I do not know what they are, or where to look.

If you are feeling courageous enough to help me walk through this, It would be greatly appreciated. If not, I would certainly understand.

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