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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
So you have an Ethernet card in your Amiga?

The Amiga has a Wildfire 060 which has a built in Ethernet.

My apologies for not stating that earlier.

Current situation:

---Set both the IP Addresses in the Explorer Properties on both the PC's to the same addess as is on the Main PC and:

---With Explorer running on the Amiga, and the Main PC AE turned off, when attempting to connect the Old PC to the Amiga, via Amiga Explorer I get a message on the Old PC saying that there is a conflict accessing the Amiga's resources. The Cloanto help file states that it is possible that the PC Anti-virus setup could create such a problem. Have yet to interpret the suggestion to resolve this.

---PC's can ping each other, but neither can ping the Amiga, even though the Main PC can connect via AE.

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