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Originally Posted by Art View Post
Well, I just installed plain Classic WB LITE and no problems with HighGfx there.
The problems with HighGfx seem to occur with Classic WB ADVSP.
Even with chip ram drained to 200kb nothing is crashing.

That's rare. Are you running FBlit with the Lite and not with the AdvSp?
Edit: And what accelerator do you have?

Originally Posted by gibs View Post
I can reproduce the issue each time.
They appear even the Amiga cold at first start.

Now when I launch Fblit, they don't comeback anymore.

But is the real solution ?

As I said I use the HighGFX driver @ 1024x768.

Maybe you guys are using ClassicWB with fblit ON and so the glitches don't appear ?
Can you test without fblit and my screen resolution ?

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