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Originally Posted by freon View Post
I'm hoping someone would make new patch of TAC 2 joysticks. Competition pro's stick movement is too large for my taste.
This has been really bothering me... It might be that I'm just misunderstanding what freon means by movement, or he is referring to a different Comp. Pro model than the "definitive" 5000, like the 300X?

So anyway I did some measurements regarding their throw, very imprecise as I was just using a protractor and the ball tops make it even more difficult... But the throw that the Competition Pro has is about 4 degrees until the micro switch clicks, and then it has some leeway up until about 8 degrees. The TAC-2 on the other hand has a throw of about 6 degrees. So regarding that they are very similar! It's an unusually short throw. Some other joysticks I had around like the Quickshot II Turbo, Konix Speedking, and Seimitsu LS-33 all have a throw of about 20 degrees.

The TAC-2 and Competition Pro are also very similar in size, both are "handheld" sticks, have the same button layout... Really similar sticks.

The main difference is in durability. Like freon says TAC-2 is very durable, you can see the design here:

The Comp Pro has a couple of points that fail. Here's a picture of one of my sticks:

If you look at the "receiver" for the left button (circled in blue) you can see that it has completely broken off! I need to come up with a good fix for that, good thing there's another button on the right. While maybe not visible in the picture, the micro switches for left and right have also stopped working. Luckily they should be replaceable with standard parts. You don't get this kind of problem with the TAC-2... But the other side of the coin is that the Comp Pro's micro switches provide audible feedback (they click..) which a lot of people feel improves their accuracy.

So umm yeah really similar sticks... One more durable the other maybe slightly more accurate. Also both seem to be out of stock as ASB is sold out of the Comp Pro now too. Get whichever you can...
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