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Recent haul of old PD disks :)

Ok I won a few lots, mostly PD disks, originals in very good condition!

I have attempted to list everything so far. I have more coming yet and I really need to start imaging them. I have checked a few out at random and they appear to be spotless so if there is anything of interest then im sure a decent image will be made



Kellogs Land Disk:
Games Galore 14 Disk:
Xenex Disk:
Zaxxon Disk:
Nanofly Disk:
Missles Over Xerion 1/2 Disk:
Missles Over Xerion 2/2 Disk:


Classic Amiga Software:

T3 Anim Disk: AN25

Ack Ack. Disk: G39
Scamraid Disk: G137
Brutal Homicide. Disk: G449
Turbo Invaders. Disk: G488
Clunk Click. Disk: G508
Splat 2 Disk: G565
Plasma Bubble. Disk: G634
Revenge AGA Disk: G649


F1 Software:

Megablock 2 Disk: G190
MF-Tanks Disk: G301
Haunted House 1 Disk: G629
Rites Of Hell Disk: M223
Captain Carnage Disk:


FORE-MATT Home Computing:

Xmas Lemmings Disk: G660


Online PD:

Assimilation Disk:


PD Power:

Strip Pot 1/2 Disk: AD 373
Strip Pot 2/2 Disk: AD 373

Megaball #3 AGA Disk: AGA 12
Jinx D1 Disk: AGA 49
Jinx D2 Disk: AGA 49
Rebel's Switchback 1/2 Disk: AGA 76
Rebel's Switchback 2/2 Disk: AGA 76
Apple Jack Disk: AGA 110
Class E Lunar Lander 1/2 Disk: AGA 121
Class E Lunar Lander 2/2 Disk: AGA 121
Pssst Disk: AGA 122
Motorola Invaders 1/2 Disk: AGA 153
Motorola Invaders 2/2 Disk: AGA 153
Evil Insects Disk: AGA 266
Beavis+Butthead Disk: AGA 288
Alien Hunter Disk: AGA 293

Scoopex "Alien" Disk: D 299
Scooped Mental Hangover Disk: D 94
Braincell Disk: D 301

Monsters of Terror Disk: NA 26
Superbelly Disk: NA 185
Agression Disk: NA 186
Double Battle Disk: NA 188
Bouldersnoop Disk: NA 195
Willys Weirdy N-Mare Disk: NA 244
Blasted Disk: NA 249
Cavern Commander Disk: NA 346
Survivor Disk: NA 513
T.V. Chubbies Disk: NA 520

Nostalgium Disk: PDG 50
Santa + Rudolph Disk: PDG 104
Dungeon Delver 1/2 Disk: PDG 127
Dungeon Delver 2/2 Disk: PDG 127
Breakin The Lawn Disk: PDG 153
Nemesis Disk: PDG 177
Internal Combustion Disk: PDG 258
Charr 1.0 Disk: PDG 266
Fishy Fishy Disk: PDG 271
Boing V3 Disk: PDG 286
Scorched Tanks 1.85 Disk: PDG 300
Computer Graphics Disk: PDG 303
Master Blaster Disk: PDG 320
Thesius X11 V0.95 Disk: PDG 327
Royal Boulderdash Collection Disk: PDG 354
Great Gold Raid Disk: PDG 393
Danger Mouse Disk: PDG 401
Zalycon 1/2 Disk: PDG 431
Zalycon 2/2 Disk: PDG 431
They Came From OuterSpace Disk: PDG 464
Zerberk Disk: PDG 666
Hideous Disk: PDG 836


Roberta Smith PD:

Polyworld Flame Disk: RGA169
GamesMite #7 Disk: RGA174


Select Software:

DGalagaAGA_Final Disk: SS96
DGalagaAGA_Final Disk: SS97
Extreme Violence Disk: 5084
Quartz PD? Disk: X4438
Croins Disk: SS119 AF103b
Space Invader II Disk: PG084
FirePower Disk: 0335FP


Underground PD:

Golf Disk: 1700
A1200 Death Angel Disk: 2167

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