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The X500 Evo - mechanical keyboard and more!

Directly from Loriano, the ultimate reward introduced for realization of his X500 case:

"OK ladies and gentlemen,

You leave me no choice…it’s time to unleash my secret weapon.

With 12 days to go I’ve given in once more to requests from some of you who wanted a mechanical keyboard inside the X500 so, here it is:

The X500 Evo.

The X500 Evo is a modified version of the X500 Plus (sides, cover and aluminium have been modified at great cost) and it's been designed for a FULL SIZE MECHANICAL KEYBOARD with Cherry MX Switches (keyboard model to be announced soon). The case will come with everything you'd expect: slim SATA DVD-RW drive with SATA cable, 3.5" internal USB card reader, 2x40mm silent fans, 2x50mm silent fans and your choice of LED colour (white, amber, red, green, blue) for Power and Drive Activity, PCI-Express x16 riser card (for your graphics card).

You can also get the EVO with a FULL SET OF LASER ETCHED Amiga key caps (white and light beige) with LASER ETCHED LANGUAGE LAYOUT (no adhesives this time). I’ve spent a few months making these caps and they should fit almost any mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches come with Red, Black, Brown or Blue MX Switches, some are clicky some are not but they are all awesome. Using one right now.

The colour of the case hasn’t been decided yet.

For those of you who have already pledged for the X500 Plus and want to get the X500 Evo just change the pledge and make your choice, remember you've got until the 31st March.

I’ll post photos of the first prototype as soon as the funding ends and delivery will start 5-6 weeks after.

First come first served.

X500 Evo choices:

Thank you. "

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