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I am trying. I am trying to ignore this fetid thread, but it just will not go away. Why are we discussing this here? Hasn't Godflesh stated that he does not want to be talked about here (unless it's praise)? Didn't we as a community here decide that it was a sore subject and we would end it? Do you guys have selective memory or does the fact that the ftp's are up mean that the previous discussions no longer matter?

Why is a discussion of the filenames used on Godflesh's ftp's going on at eab and not on Godflesh's own forum?!?!?!?!?!
It is very childish to question the use of Godfleshs FTPs.
I myself enjoyed his diskmags like AmigaPlus and co.
If you have all the games on his FTP I still don't understand why you bother posting to this thread. <...>
If you are so professional, you also have to accept that others still lack some ADFs
3) Dude, question everything. Question authority. Questioning means you do not understand something. That would make it childlike, not childish.
2) They aren't his diskmags. In fact many of the files on that ftp were uploaded by the very denizens of this board.
1) Professional? No, my Amiga game collection is my hobby, not my profession. I stated why I don't use his ftp's, which has nothing to do whatsoever with you or whether you choose to or choose not to use them. Relax, already!
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