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Damn, a lot of good Games mentioned over here in this thread. Loom? Last Ninja 2? Cool Spot? Giana Sisters (Amiga Version, of course)? I mean...they're DAMN-good compared to Games that really makes you wanna puke.
It's kinda fun to dig out some of this old and crappy Games. Somehow it's strange fascinating like...yeah, watching a huge road accident from the distance. You can't look away ("OMG, what has happened over here??? HO-RRI-BLE!") 8) (but of course a road accident doesn't make you laugh, like a crappy Game, don't get me wrong)

Played a lot of those accidents on the Amiga in the last years. Dick Tracy for example. For me it's totally unplayable. Outstanding (for me) that someone managed to play through this whole mess. What a Hero! [ Show youtube player ]
Disappearing (and bullet-sucking) enemies galore. Playing this feels like...beeing pushed down a Tower just so they can hear you scream.

Or "First Person Pinball". It's a MESS. The Physics just makes you laugh - you don't even have to play the Game - the Ball is alive and is just doing what it wants to do, I tell ya. [ Show youtube player ]

Another one: Microbattle. WHAT IS THIS? [ Show youtube player ] WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? And why for gods sake do they have to crush my Ears? Damn...

Oh,yeah. And let's not forget about this brilliant Boulder Dash-clone "Rocky". [ Show youtube player ] Just brilliant. Play it on an unexpanded Amiga 500 and get asleep instantly.

I'd rather play Last Ninja or Cool Spot on the Amiga for the next two weeks than only one more Hour with these "classics". ^_^
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