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Originally Posted by Billy Miles View Post
hoffman and others

I'd like to get into tracking/sampling doyou think one of you guys could do a tutorial or something for noobs to get started with Octamed and/or protracker? Thanks a million
Pages 15-20 of CU Amiga July 1992 issue (clickable in the link below) give you the basics for OctaMED, but the principle is the same for all trackers before and since. Plus, if you download the disk, you get OctaMED v3 and a demo song to play with.

I personally stuck with v4 of OctaMED for a long time after v5 and Sound Studio were released as I never found them as responsive or stable as v4 for Amiga-only tracking (without MIDI, etc.) I came to OctaMED from an unusual route as I used Linel's SoundFX in preference to Sound/Noise/Pro Tracker due to its CIA timing (so you could loop a break perfectly - this was a unique feature for a while) but once MED could do this, I moved over.

As an experiment, I messed around with OctaMED for the first time in years just a few weeks ago, having saved a selection of samples via Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro in .iff format to my WinUAE shared work folder. MED loaded them without issue (I had 4mb settings) and they sounded amazingly crisp and clean. Was sorely tempted to embark upon a project but WinUAE's audio latency combined with my remembering I had a life these days prevented me from going much further ;-)

Prepare to lose days and weeks of your life if you start this "hobby"
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