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Post An oldie but not a newbie


I have been using Amiga's since I got my first A500 in 1988.

I now have a small collection comprising of:
A1200 - Bought second hand around 1995 for around £120.
A4000 - Bought on ebay some six years ago.

Not Working:
A500+ - bought on ebay, but was not working so was refunded. There is some battery acid damage to the board, and I am not sure if it is salvageable.
A1500/2000 - bought new in 1991. Power supply has failed, but apart from that the motherboard looks okay. Looking to get this going again.

To buy:
Minimig - Have a Raspberry Pi, but the minimig looks really cool.

Work in IT, and am fairly clued up on UNIX/Linux, and program a little in C, Java, Python and SQL. Really want to learn M68000 and ARM Assembler.
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