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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
You can find all the Suburban Base stuff and more in mod and mp3 here

In particular these tunes I highly recommend;

Also would be a good idea to download Soulseek and search names like 2BadMice, Altern8, SL2, Xl Recordings, Rhubarb & Custard, Moby (Go), Aphex Twin (Pacman), House Production Records, Nicky Black Market, Moving shadow records, Kickin records, R&S, Suburban Base, Urban Shakedown and Warp records to name a few.

Dubstep would have never seen the light of day if it wasn't for this type of music

This is possibly my favorite genre of music ever, Oldskool Hardcore/Drum and Bass from the 90's
I've got most of them on vinyl still. Lol Did 'formation records' producers also use amigas? I remember buying a sampler for my amiga to rip all the rave sounds... sadly my productions in protracker were all terrible.

The pacman aphex twin vinyl is worth a few quid now too.

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