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I've thinked about this :/ and I need to say that product is not for me, wich makes me a bit disapointed, I really wanted one.

1. I don't want/can't to have "techmage looking" thing sitting left side of my A500. It need absolutelu have good looking cover.

2. I've I can't use any spare accelerator I have with it, then the option to add A1200 accelerator is useless. Haven't own 020/030 accelerator for 10 years and after 040/060 I don't want to have one.

Sorry to say but this is too much tinkering with details, product should be simplier, without possibility to add A1200 accelrator, it should fit inside or at least have beatifull cover.

I understand that fitting inside failed "installation by girlfriend" test, but this way it would fail "acceptance of girlfriend in public place" test. Wich is much worst :/

Keep up good working and thanks.
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