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@crabfists : for sure, it can do it !

Originally Posted by attila06
Sound glitch Fixed

Originally Posted by attila06
-the checkboard is slowing down towards the end of the music.
Sadly it's a known issue that is due to simultaneous blitting operations & disc access.

Originally Posted by attila06
-could you add a black screen between the end of the checkboard and the begining of the game, because we can see the black window of the registered Whdload and bad colors of the workbench screen in the background or adjust good colors if it's possible (or an option could be a good idea )
I'm not sure of what i can do considering that you use a hack for your WB background colors. Maybe another hack to hack the hack ?

Originally Posted by attila06
Jim, Superplus doesn't work fine on my indivision MK1, but even so i have tried.
Effectively, cli doesn't works fine after a launched game, it makes the computer reboot.
Maybe Superplus user's could help you more.
Thanx for your check of the SuperPlus mode. This confirms what has already been said by other X-bEnCh users.
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