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Little difference here in contrast to "standard" suppliers. We're willing to push this stuff to the max, but people should be aware that they might have to reduce speed if it does not work in their particular machine. It's a little like a chip mod in a car. Some will get 10% more vmax, others will get 12%. Some can run at 7000rpm, others only at 6800rpm. We don't feel like restricting anything to 10% and 6800rpm. Just give it a try! If anyone is unhappy with a core or the config tool (no pun intended here!), go ahead, make it better... or enhance it.

The Zeus68k will offer many options, you can try them all, then decide what works best for you.

It was made by people that like to tinker with their stuff. Building and producing this will be fun. Due to the design some parts will need hand assembly, as well as flashing the boards. So we'll make a little pick & shipping party once we have boards. I currently estimate that it will take a week to ship the first production run (once we have them back from the production company), maybe two.

But hey, why go the easy route when you can have fun?
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