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Ah, sorry, my mistake. I misinterpreted what you was saying (which I believe was actually something to the effect of "horses for courses"?).

With that I cant disagree. If your amiga is a "stock" machine then its probably a better idea to be more concerned/interested in software written with the amiga in mind (ergo will run nicely on a default spec a500/a2000). Once you've exhausted that (a big job given the volume of amiga software available) then perhaps look into upgrading your amiga.

There's all sorts of fun that can be had on an a500/a2000 even when not upgraded.

Oh, one last thing that I omitted before thats probably worth mentioning is that the operating system available to any amiga is also somewhat dictated by the kickstart roms a machine has installed. You cant install os2.x or 3.x on a machine with only kickstart 1.x roms for example, nor can you install os3.x on a machine that has kickstart 2.x roms (not exactly true, there are workarounds, but thats something to worry about once youre more familiar with the amiga (and pretty much requires at least a RAM upgrade beyond 1meg).
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