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Originally Posted by luncheon View Post
Can the CPU speed be chosen as a whole number multiplier of the base 7.09MHz frequency? e.g.: 14.18MHz (2x) / 28.36MHz (4x) / 42.54MHz (6x) / 56.72MHz (8x)? Shouldn't this be a little bit more compatible than an asynchronous frequency?
The current setup offers these clock frequencies: 50MHz, 25MHz, 12.5MHz and the original 7.09 MHz. Please don't ask me about details, my hardware design knowledge is very limited

Originally Posted by luncheon View Post
Maybe this behavior can be configured by the user, so we can choose between maximum performance or maximum compatibility? I mean, I assume the 50MHz mode would already break some software so why not allow this to be changed as well...
I'm not sure if it's possible to change the Slow mem timing, but I'll ask our hardware guy
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