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While I can't wait to get one of these Zeus boards, the attention to detail you guys are putting into this is making it worthwile; I'm sure the final product will be THE ultimate A500 accelerator card.

Originally Posted by Scrat View Post
I haven't tested F1GP yet, but other games like Frontier, FA18 Interceptor and Wing Commander run very smooth on a Zeus-powered A500

Btw... you may have noticed that there are 2 CPU clock frequency settings in the boot menu. The reason for this is simple: You can connect a switch to the Zeus and choose between those 2 clock frequencies (7 and 50MHz for example) on the fly while the Amiga is running.
Can the CPU speed be chosen as a whole number multiplier of the base 7.09MHz frequency? e.g.: 14.18MHz (2x) / 28.36MHz (4x) / 42.54MHz (6x) / 56.72MHz (8x)? Shouldn't this be a little bit more compatible than an asynchronous frequency?

(I just ask from ignorance, since I honestly don't know if this is true; my knowledge of digital electronics is quite limited, but from what I've seen from the hardware reference manual these frequencies can be easily made up from the CLK CPU pin and a few simple components).

Originally Posted by Scrat View Post
We have noticed timing issues with some games/demos when the Slow Mem runs at full speed, so we decided to keep the original timing in order to maximise compatibility. In short: Slow Mem is really slow mem
Maybe this behavior can be configured by the user, so we can choose between maximum performance or maximum compatibility? I mean, I assume the 50MHz mode would already break some software so why not allow this to be changed as well...

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