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Good summary there fishyfish One thing I'd like to mention though:

Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
So yes, an amiga 500 or amiga 2000 can do things like playing Doom, getting online, playing music, etc. but they'll need a few upgrades to do it in the way the youtube vids it sounds like youve been watching demonstrate.
To be able to play Doom (we're not talking about the limitation to 32 colours without a suitable graphics card) at a somewhat playable speed, you'll need a 030 accelerator which will cost quite some money. 'Getting online' will require a TCP/IP stack software plus the current 68k browsers are quite limited regarding surfing the internet. I know that it might sound strange, but if you'd like to play Doom and surf the net... try to get a 'space debris' class PC for free and use that. It'll save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run
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