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Originally Posted by luncheon View Post
Indeed... Games fully utilizing the Blitter/Copper/etc. would not see big speedups. But F1GP (and most 3D games I think) uses the CPU for drawing polygons so with the Zeus it should be playable at a decent framerate with mid detail.

I tested WinUAE w/ a 68000 and cycle-exact 50MHz and F1GP ran fine at about 20fps. Workbench 3.1 and most apps are noticeably faster, so I think the Zeus will give a stock A3000 a run for its money.
I haven't tested F1GP yet, but other games like Frontier, FA18 Interceptor and Wing Commander run very smooth on a Zeus-powered A500

Btw... you may have noticed that there are 2 CPU clock frequency settings in the boot menu. The reason for this is simple: You can connect a switch to the Zeus and choose between those 2 clock frequencies (7 and 50MHz for example) on the fly while the Amiga is running.

Originally Posted by luncheon View Post
Quick question: the "Slow" RAM enabled thru this board should be as fast as real FastRAM right?
We have noticed timing issues with some games/demos when the Slow Mem runs at full speed, so we decided to keep the original timing in order to maximise compatibility. In short: Slow Mem is really slow mem
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