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Originally Posted by Reynolds View Post
Regarding the poligons, it matters only if it is calculated by CPU instead of the custom chips, otherwise the framerate will be constant even with a 100MHz CPU, afaik. I always expected what you say with every CPU boards in all of my Amigas way back, then I had to realize that it will not happen as I hoped. Good (negative) example how F/A Hornet runs under ShapeShifter with 060. That's what I call framerate, and it is on a 640x480 screen. The F1GP is fast since the point when F1GPEd have been released, as the drawing routines have been replaced from blitter based onto CPU one, if I remember correctly.

BTW, have to agree, the A500 is THE AMIGA. It was, it is, it will be, at least for me
Indeed... Games fully utilizing the Blitter/Copper/etc. would not see big speedups. But F1GP (and most 3D games I think) uses the CPU for drawing polygons so with the Zeus it should be playable at a decent framerate with mid detail.

I tested WinUAE w/ a 68000 and cycle-exact 50MHz and F1GP ran fine at about 20fps. Workbench 3.1 and most apps are noticeably faster, so I think the Zeus will give a stock A3000 a run for its money.

The boot menu looks awesome IMHO. It has all it needs, no more, no less.

Quick question: the "Slow" RAM enabled thru this board should be as fast as real FastRAM right?
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