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Originally Posted by luncheon View Post
... and to improve polygon-based games (F1GP and several flight sims come to mind)...

Now, isn't the A500 the most "compatible" Amiga ever? I mean, most Amiga software was written in its heyday (87-91), but that's just me...
Regarding the poligons, it matters only if it is calculated by CPU instead of the custom chips, otherwise the framerate will be constant even with a 100MHz CPU, afaik. I always expected what you say with every CPU boards in all of my Amigas way back, then I had to realize that it will not happen as I hoped. Good (negative) example how F/A Hornet runs under ShapeShifter with 060. That's what I call framerate, and it is on a 640x480 screen. The F1GP is fast since the point when F1GPEd have been released, as the drawing routines have been replaced from blitter based onto CPU one, if I remember correctly.

BTW, have to agree, the A500 is THE AMIGA. It was, it is, it will be, at least for me
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