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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The memory chip on that unit is operated outside it's specifications, which you can download here:

A 3.3V part, which is not specified to be 5V tolerant, will fail sooner or later. I do proper designs that stand the test of time, not such tinkering as the board you're referring to here.

Once again, stop the discussion. I know you're not a customer for the ACA500. If you want a custom design, I'm willing to negotiate a contract.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
4mb ram would be Good enuf IMO but Jens wants 30€ for the extra 2mb which is simply insane - yes it costs more to put it on the bottom of the board but that's only due to him not designing it with 4 mb in the 1st place!

This is Jens' thread. He has stated his position on this and requested more than once that this discussion be stopped.

If you really want a custom design, then open negotiations by all means, as Jens has suggested, but not in this thread, please.
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