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Originally Posted by elpiloto View Post
i, some test that i made says taht in a 68000 you need 4mb of ram to run the games
A very few of the games require lots of RAM, unless you disable the preload (disk caching).
On my 1200 when I had only the 2M, there were some games I couldn't run, even with preload disabled. Not many tho....
(On some games, I found I could boot to CLI (no WB) and run some of them, trying to get the most free memory possible.)

Basically consider the number of disks. 2M Fast plus the RAM in the A500 would probably be fine for all 1 disk and most 2 disk games.
You add disks, you add the RAM requirement to cache them. Each disk is at least half a MEG for cache.. (more or less, I'm not sure if they do any compression or it's a full 880k or ??)

You can disable the preload, but you'll get pausing/screen flashes when there is disk activity. For some games, it's not much more annoying that normal.
For other games, that do a lot of disk thrashing, it can be a pain.
I had a few like that, and I just ran those from floppy until I got more RAM.

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