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Yes, but the point is that 2M is enough for "most" games.
This is an entry level product.
Now, you can add to it if you want, or there are other products you can get if you know you need more initially.

Frankly, I ran whdload with a 2M A1200 for quite a while, until I got more RAM.

More RAM would be better, but it was great for most games.

And, I always had the option (if the pausing bothered me too much) to burn floppies and run it from there....

More is always better, but 2M isn't that bad.

Not saying it's perfect, but I'm not designing it and selling it.. ;-)

Entry level isn't supposed to be everything for all people.

I remember people complaining about the first ACA when it was coming out.
No MMU and no FPU? How could he!!!!
(There were even people saying it had "too much" RAM!!!) ;-)
I love my ACA1230/28. Yes, it's entry level and there are things it won't do..
That's fine..

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