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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
As many others hav pointed out, 2mb is not enuf to allow whdload to pre-cache disk images.

I think overall the product is shaping up much better than I expected but the tiny amount of ram is a show stopper for me personally.

It's quite possible to match everything Jens is providing in the aca500 except the 14mhz 68k via other methods and get 8mb ram in the process without spending a fortune. Yes it requires more HW skills (eg ide68k requires soldering 2 wires) so those solutions won't pass a GF test but all up $120aud would get you a very nice a500.

I'd actually like to support Jens by buying the aca500 (have the aca1220 for my a1200) but am very disappointed with the low ram - I don't think we should have to have to spend another $100 on top of the $90 for the aca500 to make it a worthwhile purchase - it should be a complete product in its own right IMO.
I understand your point but Jens is doing what the comunity asks. For a total of 4Mb people can ask Jens to put it in when they purchase ACA500.
Initially it was going to have, correct me if i'm wrong, a 68020 CPU but, answering peolples requests, he changed it to the 68000 and who ever wants more can add an accelerator aca1220 or 1230.
For me personally i would prefer the first design where it was going to be more powerful but i totally understand why he is doing this way.
It's going to have a lot of features and, once more, the CF slots are something i desire for a long time for my 500 and it's one of the key features in my point of view.
For the memory people have a lot of diferent option for it out there.
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