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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Quite frankly, my biggest worry is that loads of people with A500's will pick a ACA500 up, and when the Amiga toasts it self due to the numerous dead capacitors, leaked batteries and such, they will blame the ACA500. Much like a lot, if not all of the complaints about the A1200 & accelerators of late.
I think you hit the jackpot right there.

The problem is that some people don't inspect their amiga hardware properly and when they fail for the thousands of reasons we all know, especially for their age, they blame on the last new piece of hardware they put in.

For me, Individual Computers products are 100% and i never had any kind of trouble what so ever with any of them.

I don't understand why dJos says "agitating for a better product" really????
Where are the other products???
What Jens is doing for the comunity i don't see anywhere else.
Is earning money ??? Sure he is and i think he should for his amazing work, and, come on, 79,90€ for a 500 acelerator???? Can someone do better ????

I'm all ears..

Come on guys, peace....
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