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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I am not going to repeat myself about the cost of board size (4-layer board!) or 3.3V conversion, which requires even more board space and adds to the component cost. I'm kindly asking you (and others who have been complaining about specs) to either shut it, or come up with the funds to finance 500 units (or more) according to your specs. I am fed up reading these "I know it better" posts that have no foundation other than "I want more for ....
You could just use a single larger RAM chip! I have an 8mb module from Tom Thul that fits entirely under the CPU using a single ram chip - this is all just symptematic of your failure to listen to the community who have been asking for more ram from day 1!

The product itself seems decent and I would buy one if you sorted the ram out without gouging!

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