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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Now just make the 4mb ram standard (design your board properly to start with and you won't need to resort to hacks like double-siding) and make a nice matching plastic case and I'll buy one for my 500!
I am not going to repeat myself about the cost of board size (4-layer board!) or 3.3V conversion, which requires even more board space and adds to the component cost. I'm kindly asking you (and others who have been complaining about specs) to either shut it, or come up with the funds to finance 500 units (or more) according to your specs. I am fed up reading these "I know it better" posts that have no foundation other than "I want more for less money".

Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
@Jens, Please explain how having kickstart on the flashrom affects A1000 owners in regards to kickstarting from floppy.
The A1000 version will be substantially different with external Agnus, requirement to make a connection from the external board to the internal Agnus socket and some other features that I'd like to try, just because the A1000 is special and not as cost-sensitive as the A500 market. More memory and more flash is easy to do if you're planning for a lot higher budget.

Choosing Kickstarts is just a press of an F-key in the startup-menu. Loading Kickstart from an image is no different than an early A3000 that loads it's Kick-file from the DEVS: directory. Just keep the files on the CF card (where plenty of space is available for very little money) and don't worry about loading times from floppy.

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