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Originally Posted by thumpBack View Post
Ok, so with that out of the way, the A2000 is my choice. Can I install say... AmigaOS 3.5 with the floppy emulator?
No you need a CD-ROM drive to install OS3.5.

The requirements for OS3.5 are:
Basic system requirements:
CD-ROM drive
Hard drive
68020 or higher processor
Amiga 3.1 ROMs (version 40.xx)
4 MB Fast RAM

Mid-range performance

68030 or higher processor
8 MB Fast RAM
Graphics accelerator and/or scandoubler

Optimum Specification
68060 processor with PowerPC accelerator card
16-bit sound card
32 MB Fast RAM
I/O Accelerator
A standard A2000 meets none of those (not even the basic system requirements). Getting an A2000 to that level of performance is possible but will be very expensive, especially the processor upgrades. Search on eBay for Amiga 2000 accelerators and you'll see that prices start at like $500. The reason people suggested buying the A1200 to you is that accelerators for it are much cheaper (but still nowhere near cheap).

I have also been looking up promotional videos and stuff, with paint deluxe V, photon paint, some trackers, all that good stuff.
Well the good news is that you won't need a high end Amiga or recent OS to run any of that good stuff. The old hardware and old OSes is what they were made for! Most will run directly off a floppy (or floppy emulator).
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