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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
Will the CF port still work in case of 1.2/1.3 usage?
The Kickstart version you choose will only give you what it could back then - we will not update Kickstarts (Commodore has done that already). 1.2 does not allow autobooting. 1.3 does allow autobooting, and it will be supported.

Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
Beware of the adf of cracked games full of bootblock viruses that would ruin your CF installation.
That's as much a myth as the mysterious RTC virus, which survives in the battery backed up clock of the Amiga: Doesn't exist, there is no danger. Bootblock viruses were specifically written to infect floppy disks only. I can't think of any harddrive or CF card that can be infected using trackdisk.device or a track-write using direct Paula register programming. I haven't heard of a "hybrid virus" that also infects RDB, but let's not discuss that here. That's "general Amiga usage" and doesn't have to do anything with my products.

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